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That's me!! :)
Hi, I am a Design Researcher and Interaction Designer with a background in New Media Design. My design practise is collaborative, user-driven, experimental, speculative and grounded in research. I explore the entangled boundaries of Art, Science, Design and Technology through the understanding of socio-cultural implications of technology on people in their context.

I design experiences, by understanding people at different levels: system level and experiences with specific product or an interaction. I enjoy the process of translating the learnings from the research  into tangible design directions and develop them through the iterative prototyping processes. I code, sketch, shoot videos and do whatever it takes to help people experience the concepts, to make the interactions simple, usable and desirable. My experiments with new technologies help me understand the newly found meanings and define their appropriateness in designing culturally embedded solutions.

I adapt to diverse methods in my research practise: ethnography, in-depth interviews, shadowing, gesture study to understand people in their contexts. My design practise is informed by my research interests in human behaviour, media theory, affective interactions, data privacy and ethics and artificial intelligence. My design experiences have been in the domains of Assistive Technology, Internet of Things, Health and Wellbeing and  New Media Art.

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