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Constellations are the imaginary lines connecting stars to form different patterns which have been given significance in various studies in areas like astrology and celestial sciences.Even us as humans, tend to have a line of connect between each other, like the line connecting two stars. That connect forms between people and connects more and more people forming patterns, but the connections also tend to break to go back to being the individual stars all over again perhaps moving on to a different pattern of connections?

The idea is to connect people standing at different positions with the help of a line of light which at a distance appears like a pattern. As the person moves further away, the connection breaks, perhaps making way to a new forming pattern.
(Make a graphic of kinect - Projector and constellation)

Collaborative work by New Media Design 2014
Video by Sagar Sharma
Mentored by Dr. Jignesh Khakhar
Thanks to Tusshar Saigal, Arshad Pathan and Hemraj Koshthi

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