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Fractions by definition is being a part of something and functional in its own way. Every element in life is divided into fractions for clarity and conflicts at the same time. Time, which drives us all, when divided into hours, days and months helps to keep track of things happening around with more clarity, and in also creates conflict like 'the tracker' and 'being tracked'. But as a whole, the system helps the majority so it survives ( Just like the whole number )

There are innumerable classifications, subdivisions, categories and what not. Finally everything is just fractions. In spite of the the complex ethical system of food habits and the conflicts that follows among the human, these complexities and conflicts becomes important to maintain the food chain and in turn the food web (the bigger picture). So every fraction is independent in their own way but always an integral part of the bigger picture.

This film depicts the conflicts, randomness and their functionality as an individual element yet it always serves an integral part of the bigger picture
Fraction (Definition)
Asmall or tiny part, amount, or proportion of something

Fraction (Etymological origin)
'frangere'-to break (Latin)

Thanks to Mochu, Ajay Tiwari and Jignesh Khakhar.

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