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Into the Black Box

Desire to live long for human is as primal as the existence of human itself. Both the traditional healing practices and modern day medicine endorse surrendering of body to an external source without rational analyses. One of the main reason for this surrendering is the lack of knowledge about one’s own body. By making the healing practices complex and hidden, they make it appear magical and miraculous, like the famous phrase “Medical Miracle”. All these make one less responsible and more detached from the body.

In this project, ‘Into the Black Box’ the metaphor Black Box refers to one's own body. The project attempts to critically address the system of prescription and consumption of drugs by creating an artifact which helps in reduction of fixed dosage of pills during the tapering process to make it more patient centric. The current medical practice functions on fixed dosage for the ease in manufacturing processes in the pharmaceutical industries.This artifact provides an alternative beyond the fixed dosages to gradually reduce and consume only what is needed. The artifact enables the patients to find the appropriate dosage for them by being more observant and mindful of the body. By empowering the patients to have a considerable amount of control over the dosage they consume, this artifact operates in the space between the prescribed drugs and self medication.

The artifact creates an opportunity to question the current model of pharmaceutical driven prescription practices instead of patient driven practices. It would help to look at self medication from a different perspective, as looking at self and encouraging mindfulness instead of ignoring it as a wrong practice. The artifact urges for a discussion around the alternative forms of medications which helps in patient centric prescription and consumption practices.

By empowering people to question the capitalist driven practices and the politics of medical prescription, this work urge the system to become more transparent, insightful and patient centric.

The Earth; The Starting Point
Preface (p. 3)
No visiting angel, or explorer from another planet, could have guessed that this bland orb teemed with vermin, with world-mastering, self-torturing, incipiently angelic beasts.

The universe now appeared to me as a void wherein floated rare flakes of snow, each flake a universe.

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