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Lively Up Yourself

This installation is an attempt to build a series of light pipes on the principle of light scattering and diffusion of light. The artistic expression is in the form of a flexible tube from which light emanates. One experiences not the light, but the colour its wavelength ‘carries’. This takes us to the second and one of the most important dimensions of light: its inseparability from colour.

The soft and gentle glow of the light pipes ‘afford’ themselves to the sense of touch. The installation changes colour in response to this engagement. Two tubes can be connected to form one tube, which acquires the colour of the two individual pieces. Just like a ray of light that scatters and diffuses on account of encountering particles, making each particle reflect the light that falls upon it, each connection we make, we tend to leave an element of ourselves with them just as we take something with us, reflecting what we gained, as we transform through that connection.

The Process 

Exhibited at The Story of Light Festival, Goa.

Class room project by New Media Design 2014 batch.

Arshad Pathan, Deshna Mehta and Jignesh Khakhar.

Photos and Videos:
Hemraj Koshthi, Saurabh Srivastava and Story of Light Team

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